Have a GOOD day.

I’ve had some good days. And I’ve had some hills to climb. I’ve had some weary days and some sleepless nights but when I look around and think things over, all of my good days outweigh my bad days and I won’t complain. 

The song every southern baptist Christian knows by heart. Its a beautiful song. Lots of vibrato and deep throated notes. All the old deacons and the whole mother board would raise their hands or lift their voices with amens and hallelujahs. As a kid I didn’t get it. I hadn’t experienced anything yet. Today I’m an adult and I still struggled with this. I want to not complain. I have so much to to thankful for. So so much. Being in my mid-30’s my good days do outweigh my bad days. Although, the bad days have for the past year been giving the good days a run for their money.  Yet, as I sit here thinking about what I consider a good day I start naming the superficial things (extra money, peace in the house, enough food in the house(the good stuff) and fast food money an answered prayer, pampering myself, shopping…) Then I start to break it down a little more: my family was kept safe, we had enough gas money, we have a roof over our head, the love we have for our family, family time. Then I had to stop again and break it down again. I woke up. I can breath on my own, I have another day to talk with my mom, I have more time to spend with my dad, I’m not a widow, I’m not divorced, my children are alive. Then I took it one step further: even in my wickedness Christ laid down his life for my sins. He took my punishment. I rejoice in the knowledge that my home is waiting in Paradise with my Savior. I know Jesus & Jesus knows me.
And that right there outweighs the sum of all my bad days past, present and future.  

Every breath, every step, every today that becomes yesterday is something to be greatful for.
Mixing the gospel with a little faith will produce hope, expectations and joy incomprehensible and the knowledge that no matter what there will be glory after this. 

In the words of Ice Cube –TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY


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