Nothing but net

Violated again and again

A lessor turned foe not friend.

Yup, you thought we’d be recourse-less

But we got beaucoup resources.

You thought you had a virgin tenant

But your actions made me mad attentive.

You really thought you had me. 

You thought I had no voice.

Your unethical negligence is astounding

You tried to force my choice.

My cries are loud, 

my moans are heard. 

Though I want to 

unleash my tongue and fists;  

I vow to stifle my words. I swear to hold her back.

My divine right to protect my brood, 

apparently was misunderstood.

Though fury rages inside,

 though my angry fire burns…. 

I know my God has gone before me, 

as surely as the world turns. 

Don’t take my calculated actions as defeat,

Yup, I know the rules of the game.

I’m strategically setting the pick.

You ‘gon remember MY name.

Uh,  I’ll see you on the court, sir

You shool ain’t seen nothing yet

‘Cause Jesus is my point guard 

And with HIM it’s always nothing but net.


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