Can’t stand the heat get outta the kitchen


Miserable people are exhausting.
Their negatiativty is draining.
It may sound like I’m complaining
but I need to vent
about the relent-less barrage
of callous attacks
on my mental sanity and integrity.
She thinks she got the best of me
but she don’t even know. 
I got favor!
People savor my creations,
I build relations
with my delightful temptations.
It’s sad that
instead of bringing your A game
you brought the same lame
vindictive crap
you tote around town
like a hobo satchel.
Your 1987 grocery store decorating self couldn’t match my skills in custom cakes.
It’s really sad that you don’t know the rules to the game. 
You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Chef Boyaredee here’s a PSA for you.  You’re way to salty to be involved in the sugar arts.
Have several seats,  away from MY kitchen.



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