Culinary creativity

image I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many vegetables in one week in my WHOLE life. But I KNOW my body will thank me for it. I’ve already gotten complements on my appearance and glow(?) Idk. All I know is my bathroom and I are besties now. Sorry Nay & Alicia! Water is my friend once again but oooh how I miss my Ex. His name is sugar. He has quite a few aliases or nicknames: ( Agave nectar (Often with HFCS) Agave syrup (Often with HFCS All natural evaporated cane juice Amasake Amber liquid sugar Anhydrous dextrose Apple butter Apple sugar Apple syrup Arenga sugar Bakers special sugar Barbados Sugar Barley malt Barley malt syrup Bar sugar Berry Sugar Beet molasses Beet sugar Beet syrup Blackstrap molasses Blonde coconut sugar Brown rice syrup Brown sugar Buttered syrup Candy floss Cane crystals Cane juice Cane juice crystals Cane juice powder Cane sugar Caramel Carob syrup Caster sugar Castorsugar Cellobiose Chicory (HFCS) Coarse sugar Coconut palm sugar Coconut sap sugar Coconut sugar Coconut syrup Coco sugar Coco sap sugar Concentrate juice (Often with HFCS) Concord grape juice concentrate Confectioner’s sugar Corn sugar (HFCS) Corn syrup (HFCS) Corn syrup solids (HFCS) Corn sweetener (HFCS) Cornsweet 90 ® (really HFCS 90) Creamed honey (Often with HFCS) Crystal dextrose Crystalline fructose Crystallized organic cane juice D-arabino-hexulose Dark brown sugar Dark molasses Date sugar Decorating sugar Dehydrated sugar cane juice Demerara Sugar Dextrin Dextran Dextrose D-fructose D-fructofuranose Diastatic malt Diatase Disaccharide Dixie crystals D-mannose Dried evaporated organic cane juice D-xylose ECJ Evaporated organic cane juice Evaporated corn sweetener (HFCS) Ethyl maltol First molasses Florida Crystals Free Flowing Free flowing brown sugar Fructamyl Fructose (HFCS) Fructose crystals (HFCS) Fructose sweetener (HFCS) Fruit fructose (HFCS) Fruit juice (Often with HFCS) Fruit juice concentrate (Often with HFCS) Fruit sugar (Often with HFCS) Fruit syrup (Often with HFCS) Galactose Glucodry Glucomalt Glucoplus Glucose Glucose-fructose syrup (HFCS) Glucose solids Glucosweet Gluctose fructose (HFCS) Golden molasses Golden sugar Golden syrup Gomme syrup Granulated fructose Granulated sugar Granulated sugar cane juice Grape sugar Grape juice concentrate Gur HFCS HFCS 42 HFCS 55 High dextrose glucose syrup High-fructose corn syrup High fructose maize syrup (HFCS) High maltose corn syrup (Often with HFCS) Hydrogenated starch Hydrogenated starch hydrosylate Hydrolyzed corn starch Honey Honey comb Honey powder HSH Icing sugar Inulin (HFCS) Invert sugar Inverted sugar syrup Invert syrup Icing sugar Isoglucose (HFCS) Isomalt Isomaltotriose Isosweet Jaggery Jaggery powder Lactitol Lactose Levulose Lesys Light brown sugar Light molasses Liquid dextrose Liquid fructose (Often with HFCS) Liquid fructose syrup (Often with HFCS) Liquid honey Liquid maltodextrin Liquid sucrose Liquid sugar Maize syrup (HFCS) Maldex Maldexel Malt Malted barley syrup Malted corn syrup Malted corn and barley syrup Malted barley Maltitol Maltitol syrup Malitsorb Maltisweet Maltodextrin Maltose Maltotriitol Maltotriose Maltotriulose Malt syrup Mannitol Maple Sugar Maple syrup Meritose Meritab 700 Misri Mizuame Molasses Monosaccharide Muscovado sugar Mycose Mylose Nigerotriose Oligosaccharride Organic agave syrup Organic brown rice syrup Organic cane juice crystals Organic coconut palm sugar Organic palm sugar Organic sucanat Organic sugar Organic raw sugar Orgeat syrup Palm sugar Palm syrup Panela Pancake syrup Panocha Pearl sugar Piloncillo Potato maltodextrine Powdered sugar Promitor Pure cane syrup Pure sugar spun Raisin syrup Rapadura Raw agave syrup Raw sugar Raffinose Refiner’s syrup Rice maltodextrine Rice Syrup Rice syrup solids Raw honey Rock sugar Saccharose Sanding sugar Second molasses Shakar Simple syrup Sirodex Soluble corn fiber Sorbitol Sorbitol syrup Sorghum Sorghum molasses Sorghum syrup Sucanat Sucre de canne naturel Sucrose Sucrosweet Sugar Sugar beet syrup Sugar beet crystals Sugar cane juice Sugar cane natural Sugar hat Sulfured molasses Sweetened condensed milk Sweet sorghum syrup Syrup Syrup Table sugar Tagatose Treacle Trehalose Tremalose Trimoline Triose Trisaccharides Turbinado sugar Unrefined sugar Unsulphured molasses White crystal sugar White grape juice concentrate White refined sugar White sugar Wood sugar Xylose Yellow sugar Copyright 2011, 2012 Jeremy Goodwin.) He’s a sneaky one that ex of mine. He really gets around! But in reality we are only on a temporary break. I miss him a lot. Like, as far as the east is from west, a lot!  I’d like almost nothing more than to make my famous buttercream icing and lick the beater like my children clamor to do when I bake. Sigh, I guess the only thing better would be dropping some lbs and resetting my numbers on this diabetic scale.  Yeah, that would be awesome. But just case I have a weak moment i secretly carry around this delectable Dulce De Leche candy. image It’s my temptress and my warning. Some days it narrowly escapes being secretly devoured in my closet/bathroom/ garage- anywhere my children with the supersonic ears can’t hear the crinkling of the cellophane or smell the Carmel-y aroma. It’s quite a load to bear, but it’s survived this long. And so have I. Y’all keep praying for me. I have 10 days left. Oh the agony! 🙂



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