Sugar FREE day 3


It’s been an interesting week with this no sugar no carb diet. But the bible says Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.  Well, today my “morning” is actually 1:25pm and the above picture of my fabulous lunch is my cause for joy. Chicken salad stuffed tomato. OMG! Delicious. And pretty too, Like fancy restaurant with a million tiny different forks,  pretty. Let the hubby try it and he approves. But it’s ALL mine. Here’s what I’m learning about me during my clean eating phase. I.Don’t. Share. I’m stingy with my spinach. And all the different veggies I get to experiment with.  Oh, if only they had a sugar free, carb free bread. I imagine the heavens would open an angelic voices would sing hallelujah. But until then. I’m sticking with my pretty chicken salad. Yay ME! 🙂


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