Sugar free Sugarpiediva?

Sooooooooooo today starts day 1 of my new two week journey of no sugar and no carbs. I’ve been up for 2 hrs and 7 mins. So far so good. I’m still happy. But this stomach of mine is staying to say some REALLY unpleasant things. FEED ME SEYMOUR!!  The loud rumble is a little disturbing inside the school office. People are starting stare.
Beyond sugar and carbs what is there? Air? This mama needs some help. And caffeine.
and veggies. I’m supposed to eat veggies for breakfast?! I’m not even a breakfast person.
The reason behind this unlikely nutrition torture is because my Dr has diagnosed me as being prediabetic. Not something I’m exactly proud of but I’ve committed myself to exercise and better eating habits for 3 months now. And there’s no turning back on that now, I’m addicted. I’ve also been fainting and experiencing numbness in my hands and toes. Last week I couldn’t move my hands at ALL for a good 10 min. Totally scared! Ambulance took me and all tests came back negative. So the beautiful Ms.Temphest suggested I eliminate sugar and carbs. Admittedly not the most exciting challenge but hey, I have 6 kids. I’m kinda up for anything you can throw at me. Except bugs. That’s of limits.  Sooooooooooo here’s to clean eating and a healthy start. Pray for me y’all! 🙂


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